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Embedded Development
Made Easy

Build quality embedded systems efficiently and with confidence.

Build faster and better even the most demanding and critical embedded systems.

The increasing number and complexity of embedded systems, coupled with insufficient embedded development ecosystems makes challenging to efficiently & easily build quality systems.

Now, no matter what, it's always & only three simple steps.


Get rid of tedious, complex and manual configuration tasks of targets and workstations. Rather manage your Targets as a Service creating your private cloud of targets and enjoy a reliable, repeatable and automated environment.


Use our consistent declarative user interface to connect to your targets with the same interfaces you or your tools expect, even remotely.


Say goodbye to the jungle of hardware debuggers and embrace our innovative debugging and testing techniques through our system-level GDB server.

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Set Up Your Own Cloud of Targets

Avoid the risk and complexity of setting up, operating and maintaining a lab. Dedicate your time and energy to what really matters: building your system thanks to a fully automated ecosystem managed by Lab.


Automate your daily tasks, up to a fully consistent automated test environment made of hundreds of targets for heavy parallel testing.


Keep working efficiently even when you lack of targets or you work remotely.


From fast early prototyping on virtual targets to continuous integration of acceptance tests, scale as you grow with the exact same simple user interface.

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Get Full Insights on Your System

Push the limits of your system's testability with Alpha, a debugger directly embedded in your targets, and equip yourself with the best practices throughout your development lifecycle to finally & seamlessly reach out to the highest levels of quality.


Get full insight on your system with a debugger tailored to your needs. Debug the Operating System, its drivers, and threads, but also the hardware they run onto, from a single core to a distributed system of heterogeneous processors.


Be able to freely debug your system by entirely freezing it without messing up with hardware or software real-time characteristics.


Unleash your system's testability with the unlimited capabilities GDB offers and dynamically perform anything the target can do.

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This is Cloud Debugging

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